Mark Kinnear

Acoustic and Electronic Drums
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I currently enjoy the challenges of playing drums in a Jazz/Rock fusion atmosphere, playing
with bands such as - Solar Wind, Dominant Plague, KGB and additional more improvisational projects
such as Hussong's, Pharticus, Lapiz, and Chinaco.  

In the studio I play Yamaha Custom Maple drums consisting of 8",10",12" Mounted Toms,
14" and 16" Floor Toms, 13" Weckl Custom Maple Snare, 14" Yamaha Brass Snare,
22" Bass Drum w/double pedals, plus a host of electronic triggers and pads.
.For live applications, I use a Sonor Force 3000 drum set consisting of 10",12",13" Toms,
16" Floor Tom, 14" Snare, and 22" Bass Drum w/double pedals.

My cymbals consist of a 22" K Custom Ride, 22" A Custom Ride, 18" Thin Crash,
16" Brilliant Thin Crash, 18" China Boy, 15" Thin Crash, 14" Thin Crash,
14" New Beat Hi-Hats, 10" and 8" Splash cymbals, all - Zildjian.

In addition to playing the drums, I also function as an executive producer,
recording engineer, security professional, and owner of Cat Box Recording Studio.

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