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1. 5 TO 7.
2. Big Moon Cactus
3. Reckoning Ball
4. Slow Day at the Office
5. When I Was 15
6. 7 Separate Blues
7. Bluesin' the Rock
8. Old Enough to Drive
9. Blackjack
2023 CD - "Hard Times" $18.95
The new CD, Hard Times, is finally here for 2023 which we have spent many hours working on.
This is the second CD with the incredible Keith Vivens on bass and we think this is some of the most challenging music we’ve ever done hence many of the songs may represent "Hard Times".

Solar Wind

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1. Four Miles To Missouri
2. Set-it and Forget-it
3. For Square
4. Introspective Warrior
5. In September
6. Nitti Gritti
7. Simone
8. Kemah Rita
2007 CD - "For Square" $18.95
Third CD For Square is the first CD with the incredible Keith Vivens on bass and we think you’re really going to enjoy Keith’s playing and contributions to the band. Another first is that this is the first CD we’ve ever done where each of the members contributed compositions. The CD also features some great Fender Rhodes playing from special guest Gilbert Sedeno. Gil plays on Four Miles to Missouri and Simone, both of which include solos from Gil, and we think you’ll really dig his playing.

Solar Wind
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1. Bigger Picker
2. Talk
3. Road Rage
4. Intimidating Pinball
5. Man from Mars
6. The Theme
7. Heckl Without Jeckl
8. Which Hazel?
9. The Real Guitarist
2003 CD - "2nd Wind" $18.95
Our second Solar Wind CD which we feel is a nice leap forward from our first CD. This CD features local guest artists Paul Chester, Will Cruz, Dennis Dotson, Marty Lindsay, and Jose-Miguel Yamal who we thank for their great playing and contributions on this CD.

Solar Wind

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1. Y.H.T.F.B.S.
2. Mike's Turn
3. City Limits
4. A Walk in the Dessert
5. Shake n' Bake
6. Impressions 
7. Give Me a Reason
8. Fu Tios
1999 CD - "Five Sheets to the Wind" $18.95
Press reviews  -  IM: " Solar Wind's "Five Sheets to the Wind", has attracted a loyal audience both for their recording and their live performances in their hometown of Houston, Texas. The CD was recorded in their own recording studio and features long fusion jams, extended solo's, lots of interplay between band members, and a total lack of regard for anything that might resemble pop radio!"

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