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1. Bigger Picker 
2. Talk
3. Road Rage
4. Prelude
5. Intimidating Pinball
6. Man from Mars
7. The Theme
8. Heckyl Without Jeckyl
9. Which Hazel?
10. The Real Guitarist
Officially released in 2003 this CD features several original tunes including (but not limited to) a Latin jazz extravaganza "Intimidating Pinball." The CD also has an arrangement of modern classical composer Howard Hanson’s well-known theme from his second symphony (entitled “The Theme” on this CD) and an extended version of jazz keyboardist Steve Kuhn’ “The Real Guitarist” (a/k/a “Chalet”) which features a lot of solos. The CD features lots of interplay and solos, no vocals, loud guitars, bass and drums, and all around blam jamming. The band is definately not "commercial music", and records/performs for the love of playing. 2nd Wind also features guest performances from some of Houston’s finest jazz musician’s including amazing jazz fusion guitarist Paul Chester, percussion monster Will Cruz, giant on the trumpet Dennis Dotson, trombonist extraordinaire Marty Lindsay, and prodigy/virtuoso keyboardist Jose-Miguel Yamal.

1. Y.H.T.F.B.S.
2. Mike's Turn
3. City Limits
4. A Walk in the Dessert
5. Shake n' Bake
6. Impressions 
7. Give Me a Reason
8. Fu Tios
1999 CD - "Five Sheets to the Wind"
Press reviews  -  IM: " Solar Wind's "Five Sheets to the Wind", has attracted a loyal audience both for their recording and their live performances in their hometown of Houston, Texas. The CD was recorded in their own recording studio and features long fusion jams, extended solo's, lots of interplay between band members, and a total lack of regard for anything that might resemble pop radio!"

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